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Irene-Marie Seelig, MA

Irene-Marie Seelig is the innovation development manager at Swarovski, leading a team of industrial designers, product developers, material scientists and engineers to develop new, sustainable crystal materials. Seelig has a decade of identifying and developing new sustainable materials and  into consumer products for long-term business gain. Prior to joining Swarovski, Seelig won the 2016 Kering Award for Sustainable Innovation with Stella McCartney for developing a vegan leather that feels exactly like suede, Amadou Leather.

Seelig proved her Amadou Leather as a viable material for the luxury fashion market by developing the first pair of vegan mushroom leather mules. Winning the 2016 Kering Award led Amadou Leather to be selected by Plug & Play, Kering and C&A Foundation to join the first batch of accelerators at Fashion For Good, Seelig was hired as a consultant at Stella McCartney to reinvent their sustainability communication strategy, and invited to speak at H&M’s 2017 Global Change Award

Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion, 2016
UAL Commercial Impact Award, 2016
Fashion for Good Accelerator, 2017

Currently resides in —
Innsbruck, Austria